Dirty Dancing in Pink and Polka Dots


Blouse: similar Jeans: similar Shoes: similar Bag: similar


I decided to channel my inner Baby from “Dirty Dancing” with this look after finally watching the film a couple weeks ago. Verdict: I suck at dancing. Seriously, the amount of coordination required to spin those dance moves was impossible (well, at least for me).

But that won’t keep me from dressing like I can, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look like they’re good at dancing? Not that wearing ballet shoe-looking flats makes you look like you can dance…but you know what I mean.

I paired a white polka-dotted blouse (tied at the front, of course) and some light-wash high rise jeans. They are literally mom jeans in that there were my mom’s, so they’re the real #OGmomjeans.

In the theme of dancing, I traipsed around in my pink “ballet shoe” flats. I know I’ve not tied them how real ballerinas would tie them (as I’ve previously been informed), so ballet dancers, please excuse my shoe-tying ignorance. I’m clearly not well-versed in the world of ballet. But hopefully everyone can agree that these shoes are pretty cute, right?


x Amy


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