A Case for Silver Boots



Boots: Topshop

Guys, I cannot tell you how much I’ve wanted a pair of silver boots (aka space boots). I’ve been looking for a good pair of silver boots for what seems like ages. But I finally found them (ah!). And these are not flimsy, plastic-soled ones, no no no. These are good, sturdy boots.

I usually put myself in considerable danger when I wear heels, so the fact that the heels of these boots are not too high and are thick as hooves makes walking in them very stable (catch the horse pun there?). And the inside is padded for ultimate comfort. What’s not to love?

I know, some of you may be thinking, “Wow, bright silver boots? How can you wear those with without looking insane?” Well I’m glad you asked.

Wearing silver boots is a statement, yes, but it makes a statement without screaming in peoples’ faces (if boots could scream that is…what a terrifying thought!). It’s a subtle(ish) statement, if that contradicting phrase makes sense. It goes with almost anything because it’s almost white and white matches pretty much anything. They bring “pizazz” to an otherwise plain outfit and look great paired with a darker colored roll neck sweater for a sixties-inspired look.

And if you want a little bling but don’t like wearing jewelry, silver boots got your back. Or your feet, rather…



x Amy


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