The “Pie Crust” Ruffle Blouse



Blouse: ASOS | similar Jeans: Levi’s Boots: Topshop | similar

Ah yes, my lovingly nicknamed “Pie Crust” blouse. There’s just something satisfying about those ruffles (much like the crust of a pie).

I’ve been loving the ruffle trend which has taken the fashion world by storm (seriously guys, it’s everywhere). The whole “more is more” trend has really opened up a new wave of creativity, taking inspiration from the trends of previous decades and combining them together to create truly unique looks.

When I first showed my mother this blouse, she was taken aback. “That’s just like the shirts from my childhood!”

As a young girl living in Beijing, China, she was always jealous of all the girls who had blouses with ruffles that ran across the front. Funny how after she has a child the style comes back in fashion.

The circle of life and fashion, am I right?

Now, to keep this look from looking outdated or too doll-y, I paired it with some black skinny jeans and my trusty silver boots, which is pretty much my go-to look.

Gotta add a modern twist to keep it chic.



x Amy


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