Now that I’m in the right in the midst of what sometimes seems like an ocean of college work, I keep daydreaming about being back at the California beaches. San Diego was my favorite city, beating out both Los Angeles and San Francisco. The weather was the perfect 60-70 degree range and there were beautiful ocean views. There was something in the air that just made such a relaxed atmosphere, and the people were kind and friendly.

And best of all, they had sea lions! Big ones, small ones, noisy ones, sleepy ones, fluffy ones, sleek ones, you name it! Also, the abundance of fish and chips and burritos were definitely a plus. If you are a fellow animal-lover, definitely go check out the famous San Diego Zoo. And unlike us, don’t go when it’s pouring down rain. We literally looked like we had just stepped out of the flamingo pool by the time we left.


When I go on vacation, being comfortable is my priority. Long walks in heels? Yeah, I don’t think so. A good pair of black trainers are both comfortable and extremely versatile. They still look somewhat polished and match pretty much anything (not that you could wear them to a formal event or anything but you know what I mean).

Alright, now for the best part. This top! I got it on a random trip to a thrift store with my mom. It has a such an interesting wide collar with a little off-center bow in the front. I’d say it’s quite “knot-ical” (good one, eh?).

Finding something in a thrift shop is both fun and rewarding. I find myself getting stuck buying online because it’s convenient, but digging around in things once loved to find something that can be loved again is a great feeling. And it helps that thrift shopping is much easier on the wallet and more sustainable. You can find some truly unique things in second-hand shops.



x Amy


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